Lifting My Spirits in Topanga Canyon

I broke away from the March gloominess of the Northeast for a quick trip to LA, the land of eternal sunshine. One of the areas I explored was Topanga Canyon. Once the epicenter of the 60s hippie movement, Topanga still maintains its barefoot-dancing-flower-child vibe. Vintage shops, fly posters for natural healers, and of course, The Inn of the Seventh Ray.

Do Your Memories Live Outside Your Brain?

Cambridge-educated biologist and author, Rupert Sheldrake, is advancing his controversial theory of morphic resonance – proposing that humans may not store thoughts and memories in their own brains, but rather “upload” and “download” them from an infinite consciousness.

Nexus of Digital Innovation, “Made in NY” Media Center Arrives in Brooklyn

An outtake from my interview with Filmmaker Magazine on the new IFP “Made in NY” Media Center  – what it means for the new media community, the challenges the center could face, and how it could help establish the business of new media.

A Roving Gathering For Those Who Create – DIY DAYS 2013 NYC

DIY DAYS is a free one-day event where creators from all over the world descend on New York to present their latest discoveries, innovations, and methodologies.