A First Look at the New Book, and a Foreword

I finally get to tell you about something I’ve kept the lid on for the past six months: I’m about to release my first printed book. I won’t give away all the details yet, but I can tell you with confidence that this is not like any book you’ve experienced before.

As digital as I may be when it comes to publishing, I have a love for books in their classic form, and a deep appreciation for their magic—as stories, as personal objects, as sign posts of a larger journey. However, I’ve never felt satisfied with the idea that a book ends on the last page. A story isn’t so easily caged. It’s nature is to flow onward and outward in every direction—we just haven’t found a way to capture that experience yet. With that in mind, my new book attempts to reach beyond our familiar boundaries with the written story into some exciting, yet-to-be-chartered territory. I’m looking forward to hearing what you think.

Now for a brief preview… On the fourth page of the book is a foreword by Michael Evashevski. Michael is a graphic designer in New York and a close friend. Confident, gracious and elegant, his work evokes a rare poetry that never ceases to inspire. It’s no wonder that Michael is a poet as well. Content with remaining unpublished and generally shying away from public readings, Michael shares his poetry from time to time as limited edition hand-bound books with a small circle of his closest friends. While I was reading one of his early drafts, I came across a poem that made my face go cold. I had spent the past year writing and revising a story that would become one of my first published pieces, and here Michael had unknowingly written it’s twin in two beautiful, haunting lines.

Michael Evashevski poem / foreword

And thus it became the foreword to my story—and now, to this book.

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