Cross-Platform Marketing Spotlight: Sparrow Hall for Motorola & (RED)™

Motorola & (RED) - A Transmedia Marketing Campaign

Sparrow Hall for Motorola & (RED)™
Transmedia Concept Developer, Ideation Lead & Content Developer
Agency: DRAFTFCB | New York

Okay, so it was time I posted a transmedia case study of my own.
The Motorola & (RED)™ initiative is one of the first major cross-platform/branded entertainment campaigns I worked on. I partnered with the team at DRAFTFCB in New York in the spring of 2006 and committed the next year of my life helping to bring it to life. Here are a few of the highlights.

Transmedia Marketing and Branded Entertainment - Motorola and RED - Sparrow Hall

Motorola (RED) Online Experience

When Motorola came on board as the technology partner for Bono’s charitable (RED) initiative, they wanted to create a campaign that would inspire and educate consumers, compelling them to buy (RED) Motorola products to help eliminate AIDS in Africa.

To maximize the campaign’s reach, our team developed a year-long rollout of original content from around the world, including exclusive music and media downloads, videos, live events, and a rich online experience.

Transmedia Marketing and Branded Entertainment - Motorola and RED - Sparrow Hall

To kick things off, we hosted a flash-concert by The Scissor Sisters, one of our many (RED) collaborators, in London’s Trafalgar Square. The event was a huge success, bringing a wealth of media attention, viral social shares and word-of-mouth around Motorola and the (RED) initiative.

One of the most popular elements of the campaign was the interactive calculator we created that allowed (RED) consumers to see how much of a difference they were making in the lives of those in need.

To try it for yourself: Click the calculator image below. When the site loads, go to CONNECT WITH (RED) > SEE THE IMPACT.

Transmedia Marketing and Branded Entertainment - Motorola and RED - Sparrow Hall

The initiative ranks up there with some the most rewarding experiences in my life.
It was incredible to see a campaign directly improve people’s lives. And at the same time proving the profitability and sustainability of a completely new business model: for-profit humanitarian aid.

“(RED) has been a big success… $47MM dollars goes into the Global Fund after our first year… We want [companies] to make profit on this, because it makes it sustainable.” – Bono in an interview with Brian Williams for NBC Nightly News

The breadth of the campaign, and the collaboration with artists from around the world, set the gears in motion for an idea that would become my first transmedia book, Two Blue Wolves.