Don Hill Dies at 66, Skinny Indie Kids Buy Eyeliner for Wake

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Party at Don Hill's with Iggy Pop
Iggy Pop at Don Hills

Here’s to stage dancing. To the uptown crowd dressed for trouble. And the downtown crowd dressed for more. Here’s to playing 3 Pulp songs in one night. To popped collars. And drinks you can afford. Here’s to making out in a cramped corridor by the bathrooms while Fischerspooner bangs away on the speakers. Or crouching against a brick wall, freezing, in the middle of February, so your friends can have a smoke.

Here’s to partying on the West Side. For once. Forever.

Here’s to the one standard most night spots fall short on—consistency.

Here’s to Don Hill, who knew how to take a party and give it a home. We’ll miss you.

Don Hill, New York City club fixture dies at 81
Don Hill (1945-2011)