Future Rulers Unite: An Incubator of Bright Young Things

Sandbox, a gathering of innovators under the age of 30, incubates people rather than companies.

Tahnee Prior and Kyra Phillips of Sandbox
Sanboxers Tahnee Prior (left) and Kyra Phillips (right)

Today’s post-collegiate world seems scarier than ever.
21-year-olds thrust into a jittery world of start-ups, scant job opportunities, and a ride-or-die necessity for building new relationships – all the while shedding the protoplasm of the womb that’s called college life.

Clearly, Sandbox is seeing the same thing.
Started in 2008, this incubator for exceptional thinkers and doers under the age of 30 has taken root and is slowly amassing a “family” that will no doubt take over the world. Like a bikini-clad Knights Templar, these 20-somethings – be they technologists, poets, artists – are getting together in different parts of the world, turning off their cell phones, and enjoying some bonding time away from the Worldwide Web.

Are they sharing ideas? Yes. Are they reading books and running beside wild horses on a beach? Probably. Are they all sleeping with each other? Most definitely. But, facetiousness aside, I’m almost certain they’re walking away from the experience truly inspired, feeling like they’re a part of a new family.

When I hear about something like Sandbox, there’s a part of me that wishes I were coming out of college right now, if only to be a part of something like this. Since leaving Bennington (my own sort of Sandbox), I’ve somehow managed to make a home for myself amid the often harsh realities of business and life. But there’s a part of me that will always recognize the value in these rituals that happen outside the normal fray – secreted away in a seemingly other world. Because what happens there is different than anywhere else. You see a side of yourself that you could have otherwise missed. And that’s the thing that means the most, and it’ll be the engine to wherever you go in the future.