Heavy Rotation / March 2011 / R.E.M.

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Collapse Into Now - R.E.M.

Wow, typing those three letters – R, E, M – felt like I was starting up a time machine.

The last album I bought from these guys was Monster back when we were still asking Kenneth what the frequency was. For the last decade, I’ve found myself checking in from time to time, but never really finding anything that matched their early work—until now.

R.E.M. - 2011
R.E.M. – 2011

R.E.M.’s new album, Collapse Into Now, seems to pick up in a place where Out of Time and Automatic For the People left off—yet far more mature, and tighter thanks to genius producer Garret “Jacknife” Lee—known for his work on Snow Patrol, Bloc Party, and The Editors. Guest appearances by Eddie Vedder and Peaches (?) make for a rich collaborative vibe that feels like what a party might be like at three in the morning at Stipe’s glassed-in retreat in the Hollywood Hills. If he has one. Which he must.

Collapse Into Now arrives on March 8th. You can hear it in its entirety on NPR , and pre-order the album on iTunes .