L’Odyssée de Cartier: A Diamond-Encrusted Stab at Branded Storytelling

L'Odyssee de Cartier - Branded Storytelling / Branded Entertainment

L'Odyssee de Cartier - Branded Storytelling / Branded Entertainment

Here’s to Cartier for taking a bold step into the realm of branded storytelling.
Now all they need is a script.

A brief analysis:

- High production value
- Beautiful art direction & cinematography
- Iconic imagery
- Puts Cartier back on our radar
- Positions Cartier as an exciting brand

- Lack of plot
- Heavy-handed use of product placement
- No clear hero/protagonist
- Lacks subtlety
- Comes off as a long commercial
- We don’t care about, nor relate with, the characters
- Nothing compels the audience to take the next step – whether it’s to buy or dive deeper into the narrative

Never position a luxury brand as fantasy if you want to sell a product – even in a strong economy.
Fantasy and luxury are two different things. Luxury is aspirational. It’s within reach – if you work for it. But here, Cartier has chosen to go the way of fantasy, coming off as otherworldly, unrealistic, and seemingly unattainable.