The Beauty and Enigma of One’s Inspiration

Bian Eno - Day 8 - Dunhill

“The big mistake is to just wait for inspiration to happen. It won’t come looking for you. You have to start doing something: you have to build a trap to catch it.” – Brian Eno / Artist & Musician

Dunhill has released a beautiful profile series (and an elegant example of branded content) called “Day 8.” Intimate, understated interviews with a handful of unique souls who challenge our sensibilities and champion imperfection. A mountaineer, an actor, a filmmaker, an Olympic rower – private meditations on why they do what they do.

Day 8 is better than most documentaries I’ve seen, and it just goes to show how marketing, if done right, has the power to transcend. That a brand is not a thing, not a product, but a glimmering representation of our inner selves.

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