Transmedia, Hollywood Conference 2013: Spreading Change

Transmedia, Hollywood Conference 2013: Spreading Change
Friday, April 12 / UCLA’s James Bridges Theater
Presented by UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television, USC School of Cinematic Arts Presents, and the Andrew J. Kuehn Jr. Foundation

Transmedia, Hollywood - UCLA - 2013

What is Transmedia, Hollywood?
A one-day conference for early adopters and next generation thinkers centered around entrepreneurship, cause-based advertising, culture hacking, and philanthropy in the Digital Age.

Why should I spend my day around tanned, hyper-connected undergrads?
Transmedia is what happens when entertainment, branding, advertising, and philanthropy merge into an enormous crime-fighting robot whose sole purpose is to rid the world of inane marketing campaigns and champion the bizarre imaginations of storytellers. Because transmedia properties and campaigns play out over multiple platforms (social, mobile, big screen, tablet, live events), artists, studios, institutions and advertisers can reach larger audiences and monetize their efforts in a multitude of ways. If you’re somehow connected to any one of these industries and you want to have a job in the next 3 years, you probably want to attend this conference.

Will the speakers make me want to slit my wrists?
No, I have a feeling it’ll be a pretty interesting crowd and a solid networking event. The panels will feature a variety of experts – including Henry Jenkins, the Obi-Wan Kenobi of transmedia, United Talent’s digital media hot shot Milana Rabkin, and pop culture hacker Jonathan McIntosh, who’s doing some thought-provoking work around subliminal messaging and the future of participatory media (aka: remixed videos and other cool disruptiveness).

Other participants include:

Alden E. Stoner – Vice President, Social Action Film Campaigns / Participant Media
Rachel Tipograph – Global Digital and Social Media Director / Gap Inc.
Mahyad Tousi – Founder / BoomGen Studios
Katie Elmore Mota – Producer / East Los High
Milana Rabkin – Digital Media Agent / United Talent Agency
Michael Serazio – Author of “Your Ad Here: The Cool Sell of Guerrilla Marketing”
Rob Schuham – CEO / Action Marketing
Katerina Cizek – Filmmaker-in-Residence / National Film Board, Canada

Audio from the conference will be streamed live and used in tandem with and Wesawsit to create an interactive, real-time experience for those unable to attend.

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