When We Were a Nation On the Brink

The Gettysburg Address - Photo courtesy of The History Channel
The Gettysburg Address – Photo courtesy of The History Channel

I’d like to shake the hand of whoever it was that chose the music for the trailer for Gettysburg, the upcoming Memorial Day special on The History Channel. (The headline that appears at the end is chilling.)

Gettysburg Trailer featuring Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” performed by Placebo

  • ariennalee
    May 29, 2011

    you’re right, the combination is uncannily good. it manages to make me nostalgic for three separate times in American history, only two of which I actually lived through.

  • Michael Fleming
    June 2, 2011

    This one goes into my Dreamtime playlist permanently. Definitely a funereal feel to it. It captured the Civil War in a “through the looking glass” way. It also evoked in me memories of almost 10 years ago, “running up that building…” of firefighters and the twin towers. I live for music like this.

    • Sparrow
      June 2, 2011

      I know. I love this song too. I’ve had the Kate Bush version on various playlists since I was in high school. But this one just takes it to some other place. Your “through the looking glass” comment is spot on.

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