Two Blue Wolves & Nightwork (Special Combined Edition Paperback)




Paperback Book with Digital Download
2011 / Sparrow Hall (Author)

The Two Blue Wolves & Nightwork Special Combined Edition offers a compelling look into the future of books. In addition to the short stories Two Blue Wolves and Nightwork, every copy includes a free download of digital media that immerses you deeper in the world of the characters, providing multiple ways of experiencing the story—through music, video and art.

Paperback includes FREE download code for:

– Two Blue Wolves & Nightwork eBooks
– Two Blue Wolves Audio Book
– Printable Posters
– Music Soundtrack w/ 16 original songs by: A Crowd Electric, Shawn Christensen (of stellastarr*) & Kevin McAdams (of Elefant), The Hourly Radio, Sam Tyndall (of ArpLine) & Wythe Marschall (of Heavy Jamal), Ana Lola Roman, Chuck Bianchi & Jerry Preston, Slow Ghost, Kago, Alex Parker, Dual, Jessica Caterina, The Well Enough Folk Band, Galaktlan, and Brian Scibinico

Two Blue Wolves synopsis:
A young American couple have retreated to Paris in an attempt to save their unraveling love. Their relationship lives at the center of a delicate web—linking the failing mind of an old woman, a people on the brink of disaster, and a world bracing itself against a faceless terror.


Nightwork synopsis:
A young traveler seeks to cure his loneliness by going dancing with a group of new friends in the outskirts of Munich, but as the night roars on he realizes it’ll take more than the perfect song to lift his spirits.



“Beyond the beauty of the story, the music, the art—there is a sound that accompanies the arrival of Sparrow Hall’s Two Blue Wolves. It is the bang of innovation, and it is ushering in a vibrant new era of storytelling.”
– Linda Kaplan Thaler
, Bestselling Author / New York

“There is an emotional charge that permeates every transmedia pore of Sparrow Hall’s creation… It’s as important, to me, as Dylan Thomas’s Under Milk Wood. It’s poetic. There’s an undeniable synergy in style and execution. It’s pioneering. Bold, yet gentle. Sensitive yet challenging… The reader/listener is able to freestyle their imagination and senses in order to create their own video, film or soundtrack pick ‘n’ mix. You can then project this imagined film, in your head – cutting and editing as you go along. It’s storytelling for the 21st century… And then there’s the writing. It’s bloody good… It gets a ‘Must Experience’ from me.”
– Lloyd Lewis, Indigo Sherbet Magazine / London

“[Two Blue Wolves is] an extremely thoughtful and emotionally potent work of art… I suspect that there is a temptation in Transmedia to think of story as merely a sequence of events (often full of twists and interactivity). It’s not… Two Blue Wolves treats its themes subtly and respectfully… I can imagine taking a project like this on a trip, listening to the album and having that lightbulb moment when I realize how deeply a certain part of a song reflects the story. This makes me want to re-read the text, talk about the story with others – and it pulls me deeper”
– Simon Pulman, 
Transmythology / New York

Sparrow Hall has created a dynamic community around a short story of love found, then lost. [Two Blue Wolves] speaks directly to a generation affected by distant wars and domestic conflicts, and gives voice to their unheard sighs.
Kastoory Kazi, Pomp & Circumstance Magazine / Brooklyn

“I have been following Sparrow Hall’s writing for many years, but nothing prepared me for the depth and beauty of Two Blue Wolves. A stunning piece of work.”
– Nathan Parker, 
Award-winning Screenwriter of MOON / Los Angeles

“…exceptionally talented… a splendidly promising young writer of practically boundless inventiveness…”
– Edward Hoagland
, American Essayist & Novelist / Vermont

“[Sparrow Hall’s] vision and passion for what he does—not to mention his talent—reaches far beyond the writing. I am truly inspired.”
– Catherine Mangosing, 
MyTurtleneck: Documenting Inspiration / Toronto

“This project (Two Blue Wolves) is unbelievable. What a great experience and I urge everyone to check it out.”
– Jim DeLucia, 
carving my initials / Rochester

“Two Blue Wolves reminds me of so many things in myself that I’ve forgotten… The story is beautiful and paints a series of pictures, or perhaps more fitting: a series of warm Polaroids…”
– Paul G. Maziar, 
Author of WHAT IT IS : WHAT IT IS / New York

“Beautiful. In both imagery and feeling. In many ways like a poem… it holds together in a delicate, mysterious way I haven’t put my finger on yet.”
– Lawrence David
, Author of NEED and FAMILY VALUES / New York

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